Raise money to Building a Vocational Center Every Year*raise awareness in our community about human trafficking*raise up a culture of others-centered students

Freedom Cafe UMass

We're a Non-Profit Coffee Shop at UMass

Operated entirely by volunteers committed to end human trafficking and rescue its victims
Donation Based

Would you consider donating what you would normally give for your drink to help us end human trafficking?

Volunteer Operated

We are dependent on the faithfulness of our volunteers to meet our goals. No one is paid from the donations given at the Freedom Cafe.

Cause Oriented

We are committed to rescue, prevention and education. It is through this, that we are working to end human trafficking one cup at a time

We're Committed to Building Vocational Centers

We believe that we can raise enough money every academic year to build a vocational center in India. These centers work to rescue victims of human trafficking, while working with at risk youth on the road to forced prostitution
average percentage given to our cause
progress toward our $18,000 goal for 2014-15

We're committed to Organic Fair Trade Specialty Coffee

Brewed by the cup. We use the best brewing techniques to brew 100 percent direct trade and organic coffee

Located at UMass Amherst

With another location opening in 2015 in Southeast campus

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